Curriculum Overview

Speedwell Infant School is committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum which enables all children to make connections between different aspect of learning, and to flourish and develop to achieve their full potential.   The following documents provide an overview of the school's approach:

Our Curriculum Intent Statement provides an overview of our approach to teaching and learning at Speedwell Infant School:
We recognise how important the development of communication, language and vocabulary are to early success, so have a clear strategy to develop every child's communication, language and vocabulary skills:
The curriculum is planned over a two year cycle because of the mixed age classes within school, and ensures a broad and balanced curriculum which builds on previous knowledge, experiences and skills.   The two year cycle is currently being developed, those subjects highlighted in yellow are still to be updated:
We also have a clear progression documents for each area of the curriculum.  Some are still in development, those completed are available below:
Links to individual class pages with current term's curriculum details.